March Update


We are so thankful for the Lord’s blessing and protection.  We have travelled many miles without incident (although we have had many close calls that demonstrate His protection.)  A silly reminder of this is our oil changes.  We usually have our car’s oil changed at a Walmart when we are on the road.  They always leave a little sticker reminding you when your car needs its next change.  I noticed it recommended 4,000 or 3 months.  Emily and I both laughed and thought “4,000 miles is more like 3 weeks!”  

Our travels this past month have brought us to churches in Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana.  In addition to presenting our ministry, we enjoyed great meetings with powerful, challenging preaching.  We also enjoyed uplifting, encouraging fellowship with many believers that let us know they will be praying with us as we endeavor to reach Suriname for Christ.


Our hearts were especially blessed when we received news from four churches that they will be partnering with us financially!  This news came all in the same week.  We are now at 65% or our support goal!


One new experience was holding Scripture signs with the folks of Sweet Springs Baptist Church.  Due to the restrictions of COVID, this church has begun a ministry of holding gospel Scripture signs near a busy intersection.  Dozens of church members participated, holding signs for an hour.  Many thousands of people read the witness as they drove past.  I thought this a creative idea and another effective, simple way of sharing our faith with others.  

In Christ,

Mark & Emily Mariner


Scripture Sign Held Near Busy Road