February 2021

Emily and I are excited about the new year and all that the Lord has in store.  We began the year with missions conferences in Maryland and Tennessee.  Each was a blessing and encouragement!  Each visit with a new church gives us a fresh assurance that God’s work goes on.

We are looking forward to a busy spring of conferences and meetings.  We trust that the rest of the year’s schedule will continue to fill up as more and more churches are able to schedule special events once again.  We are booking meetings all over the country.  We plan to make one big trip out west.  We will visit churches in California and Texas.  Please continue to pray for opportunities and safe travels. 

We are also praying that travel access to other countries will continue to improve.  We hope to make a survey trip to Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname this year.  We would like to visit the missionaries and ministries that we will be interning with as well as line up housing.  Many other missionaries in many other places continue to be affected by the travel restrictions.  Please pray for them and their situations.  While many aspects of life continue to be affected, we know that God and the gospel are not limited!  

We pass out gospel tracts regularly to those we meet.  Recently I gave a tract and church invitation to a drive-thru employee.  The young lady accepted it and remarked “I have a lot of these. People give me these all the time.”  I was surprised and encouraged.   I was blessed to know that others are being a witness even during these difficult times.  The virus situation does often make witnessing more difficult, but it does not stop the Lord from working.  Please pray that God will give us more opportunities to witness for him as we travel.

In Christ,

Mark Mariner